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Homebirth Midwife in Berlin

My main professional focus is labour and birth care. I have worked in birth centres in the past. Currently I’m offering homebirths and hospital births (as a “Beleghebamme”) for people who cannot birth at home.

  • Evidence-based practice

    I have studied midwifery in Cambridge, UK. As an academic midwife, I care about well-done research and keep practice updated according to the best available evidence.

  • Multilingual support

    I love learning new languages. The benefit of that is that I am currently attending in any of these languages: Deutsch, English, Español, Português, et Français.

  • My hood

    For home birth I cover most of the central parts of Berlin. My post-natal region, however, is more restricted to Prenzlauer Berg, Wedding, Mitte, Pankow, Weißensee, and parts of Friedrichshain.

Berlin Map with my main area of work.

What people say about my work

“It was an incredibly beautiful time which we will probably never forget.
We were completely satisfied with everything and have no criticism at all.
Thanks for this little piece of eternity that you gave us. Hopefully our next child can be born with you again.”
Caro, 10 days after the birth of her first son.
“When Peter doesn't visit us anymore, it's like cutting another umbilical cord.”
Anna, 2 weeks after her home birth
“My labour was not what I had hoped for and I was really sad my midwife couldn't be with me when my daughter was born. I was still very happy he had prepared me so well. This gave me a lot of security, despite the unexpected progression.”
Martina in her birth afterthoughts

Let's get in touch

To contact me, you can fill out the following form in German, English, Portuguese, Spanish or French.
I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Feel free to also send me a message to my phone.
Since I also work or travel abroad from time to time, please also consider web-based messaging such as iMessage, Telegram or Signal.

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It might be helpful to add your address, or at least the "Kiez" where you're living. I'm covering mainly Prenzlauer Berg and the surrounding districts.