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Peter, an experienced midwife in Berlin

A few more words about me

I love Argentine Tango, nature and culture, or better said: cultural diversity…

The fascination about pregnancy, birth and everything around it hit me still during my first studies of Social Anthropology and Education Sciences when I was traveling in the Global South (Latin America, East Africa, South East Asia).

It was more a calling than a conscious decision to become a midwife. It still took a while until I followed the call to study the most beautiful of all professions in Cambridge, UK. (In the meantime I worked in editorial management in Global Health and facilitated trainings for young people going for work experiences abroad.)

In England, midwifery is an academic subject, which influences my professional practice a great deal. Evidence-informed practice is an important aspect of how I work and plan the meetings. I combine this with the art of midwifery (German: “die Hebammenkunst”) and a holistic approach to the process of becoming parents, including all the emotional, psychological, social and medical implications.

It’s not only the pregnant person and her* baby who I attend, but the whole family… no matter how patchwork-y or queer this family is.

Planning a home birth allows us to hold the balance between homely coziness, the feeling of safety in your own environment, a holistic and mindful care approach to you and your family and an autonomous birth.

Because I concentrate on women/ birthing people and couples who are planning a birth with me, I’m sorry to say that I often don’t manage to look after women and families who are planning a hospital birth and look for post-natal midwifery services mainly.

Somatic Midwifery

Introducing my bodywork focus in midwifery care

This is an invitation to explore the wonders, and address the challenges, of your changing body and sexuality during pregnancy and postpartum. Alongside with midwifery, I’ve also professionally trained and got certified as a somatic bodyworker.

I often integrate my somatic skills and knowledge in my midwifery practice.

But also, I offer bodywork to transform bodily or mental challenges that might be conflicting with pregnancy, birth, and postnatal/ breastfeeding.

Whether you want to tap into your vital energy, learn more about your body, or transform challenges, I’m happy to accompany this using an approach called “Sexological Bodywork”.

Of course, this is an offer, not a must. If this is not for you, rest assured: I can be just your “normal” midwife, too. 😉

My journey into bodywork

Since 2015, I have been practicing trauma-sensitive bodywork, partly within midwifery, but also beyond this sphere of practice. As a midwife, I have witnessed the limitations of spoken language, especially when past bodily experiences resurface. This was my initial motivation to train as tao-tantric bodyworker and consultant for individuals and couples. Later on, I trained in Sexological Bodywork, a creative, process-oriented approach to exploring different aspects of sexuality. (The term “sexuality” has to be understood in its widest sense. For example, everything childbearing-related would also fall into this part of life).


My trauma-sensitive, somatic approach

With the approach of Sexological Bodywork you will be always the centre of all activities. My position is that of a companion, a guide at best, to open and even paths for you on your very personal journey. That’s why every session is unique. Often they are somatic, which means body-focused. Others can have more coaching elements. Combined with a strong intuition, Sexological Bodywork is an approach that’s gentle and potent at the same time. All my bodywork and midwifery activities are as trauma-sensitive as possible. The Sexological Bodywork training in Berlin focuses a great deal on trauma-sensitivity. This does not make me a trauma therapist. That’s important to understand. However, if you face challenges due to past traumatic experiences (known or assumed/ sensed), you can feel welcome in my care. And I’m not going to freak out or will turn away (which are common experiences of people with trauma accessing health care or bodywork).


The future of Somatic Midwifery

Currently, I’m also creating more and more formats for individuals, couples and groups and I am designing a full programme to accompany pregnancy, birth, postnatal and breastfeeding somatically, and to (re-)teach birth from a somatic perspective. If you’re interested, stay tuned here or on my Instagram profile or Telegram chanel (no fear! I’m a midwife, I’m a bodyworker. I’m NOT a social media pro. So, be sure I won’t spam you!!) There is more information on my somatic work in German already at somatic-midwifery.com. If you’re curious, please hop over there and find out, if this could be for you. Any questions, please just message me!

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