Peter, the midwife

My name is Peter, I’m a midwife living and working in Berlin.

I offer
  • home births,
  • pregnancy care,
  • postnatal care and
  • birth preparation classes etc.

And I cover
  • Kreuzberg,
  • Neukölln,
  • Friedrichshain and
  • Treptow.

First things first: I love Argentine Tango, nature and culture, or better said: cultural diversity…

The fascination about pregnancy, birth and everything around it hit me still during my first studies of Social Anthropology and Education Sciences when I was traveling in the Global South (Latin America, East Africa, South East Asia).

Without that I could explain it really, I somehow received the call to become a midwife. It still took a while until I followed the call to study the most beautiful of all professions in Cambridge, UK. (In the meantime I worked in editorial management in the area Global Health and facilitated trainings for your people going for work experience abroad.)

That’s me. 😉
A show-off picture with the famous Mexican midwife Naoli Vinaver (right) and my wonderful tango partner Lucie from Buenos Aires.

In England, midwifery is an academic subject, which influences my professional practice a great deal. You will hear the term “evidence-based practice" a lot when we meet during your pregnancy.

I combine this knowledge with the art of midwifery (German: "die Hebammenkunst") and a holistic approach to "becoming parents", including all the emotional, psychological, social and medical implications.

It’s not only the woman and her baby who I attend, but the whole family. (By the way, I don’t care how patchwork-y or queer this family is.)

Planning a home birth allows us to hold the balance between homely cosiness, the feeling of safety in your own environment, a holistic and mindful care approach to you and your family and an autonomous birth.

I am happy to attend you in any of the following languages:
  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Français
  • Español
  • Português

Hope to hear from you! Get in touch here!